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Bustr, with a few years of experience in the online dating industry, is one such free BBW dating site that promotes the art of romance for plus size people. This BBW tinder has a professional approach to curvy dating and offers amazing features to help BBW singles and their admirers in finding their perfect partner. Compared to the other chubby dating apps, Bustr provides a great matchmaking service with many attractive features. Bustr is a fully-functional app that guarantees a wonderful BBW dating experience. The bbw hookup app has been constantly updated to meet the needs of its growing fan base.

How Bustr works

Getting started on Bustr is very simple and convenient as it makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning of the sign up process. You just need to fill out several basic information about yourself and answer some questions about your background, personality and lifestyle. If you are a person who expresses a lot about yourself, you'll love creating your profile on Bustr. Not only that, you can also mention your dating preferences and write a long description of the type of person you're looking for through their app. While it sounds to be lengthy, you can do the whole process in 5 minutes. All these efforts will not be in vain, as it is the basis for finding a potential mate. Membership programs are affordable, and because of their excellent features, they are worth the cost.

Standard member is free to download and use basic features

Premium Membership

$29.99 for 1 Month Membership
$74.99 for 3 Months Membership
$129.99 for 6 Months Membership

Features of Bustr

In-depth dating profile

Both quick and advanced search options can filter personal data based on age, gender, user name, personality traits, location, and more.

Good matching system brings compatible matching based on your profile information.

Free members can send roses and favorites and respond to messages from paying members, who can connect with anyone on the app via messages.

Bottom Line

If you are a person who is chubby and looking to find a wooplus partner just like you, then Bustr will be the best destination. Bustr has good matching systems and well-designed search tools to ease the efforts of finding the perfect partner. Not a lot of bbw hookup apps offer tools to check compatibility or express yourself in detail on your dating profile which could be the success factor for Bustr. And Bustr has a active community which makes it good choice for fat dating.

Several Tips for Casual Hookup Relationship


Have you ever thought about casual dating? For some adult friends, this sounds both charming and mysterious. To others, this sounds like a polite term to describe hook up everywhere. In fact, many casual dating relationships have nothing to do with intimacy. Keep reading, you will find some casual dating tips that work for most adult friend finders. Casual dating is to give you choices so that you can find the best person for you. It's about enjoying a good time, enjoying one's company, while keeping things relaxed and relaxed.

There is no serious talk, no pressure to commit, even the best thing is no chaotic breakup. Sounds incredibly good? It is not! Here are several rules for casual hookup dating that can help you get started when you want to hook up with some friend finders for adult fun.

Ask for the numbers
When you talk to a charming and funny man in the aisle of a club, elevator or even supermarket, ask him directly for his phone number. Casual dating means you can always look for new adult friends and nsa finders, so that if your date with your current boyfriend fails, you will have a new list of potential dating people. Don't be afraid to enjoy the chance for hookups. With practice, this has become easier, and the worst he can say is "no".

Take some experiments
The reason why you decided to pursue adult affair dating is to find the right person for you, right? But it is very likely that there is a kind of men who always attracts you. Whether it is a bad boy with a slick tongue, a jokeist with long hair, or a conservatively dressed reserve. In the process of looking for the soul mate, you have to make sure that you are not stereotyped. Try to date friend finders with different looks, personality and outlook on life. You may surprise yourself and discover what you have been looking for. At least, you will broaden your horizons and may even learn one or two things.

Try to be honest
The first rule of date hookup is: be clear about your intentions and expectations from the beginning. Before you agree to accept a adult hookup, be sure to let him know that you are not seriously dating. Some people would say that they are not looking for long-term relationships which means they won't commit to any friend finders. Your new boyfriend may think that there is hope to win your heart, so you have to be cruel and painful obvious. Tell him that you are still thinking about what kind of man you are looking for. It will be a very, very long time before you allow yourself to enter a serious relationship. If he is still interested, then you are lucky. If not, he can walk away. There is no foul without harm.

Don't tell it out
If honesty is the first principle of adult dating, then the second principle is caution. No one likes to listen to their competition, especially in the world of dating. If you are dating more than one man at the same time, keep the details of other relationships secret. Talking about your other relationships will only cause jealousy.

My Embarrassing Experiences on Dating Apps


Last winner, I just finished my college education and I end the two-year relationship with my boyfriend as he would like to go to another city. We were so far with each other. I quite liked him but I didn’t want to influence him so I said breakup. I blessed him. At this time, my friends recommended some dating apps to me and told me maybe I could find some nice people in these hookup apps. I just wanted to find someone to share my bad feelings so I downloaded some good apps.

The first app pays great attention to the appearance and every user should pass the facial verification. To use this hookup app, users need to submit their self photos to the team for review. On the one hand, this is to test whether they are real people. Second, it will give the current user appearance score, the score must be above 60 to be able to enter this hookup dating app. To tell you the truth, I was shocked at that time, and I thought the app was too concerned about appearance. However, my friend is also right, most of the online dating is aimed at good or bad appearance. 

Then she advised me that my appearance would certainly pass. I was not very confident, but it was no harm for me. By the way, I could see my beauty score. So I took two good-looking self photos, because I was afraid that the audit would not pass, and I also specially used PS, in which I looked much better. However, my first audit failed. I was a little speechless. But I didn't think it should be so strict with girls, so I submitted it again. Then it passed, and the team gave me a score of 80. I was a little wry at that time. 

Then I started using the app. Indeed, this kind of app pays close attention to appearance. There are many handsome men and beautiful women on it. However, I still thought that this kind of app which paid too much attention to appearance has great disadvantages, that was, most people were just searching hookups. Few people really wanted to make friends. You could make an appointment with the person you liked, and the speed was very fast. Maybe I didn't like this very much, so I unloaded it.

And I started to use another chatting app. This time, this app was used more for chatting rather than hookups. I should say I like this app more than the last one. For the first two day, I received 10 messages and none of them said if I wanted hookup as a start line. I should say I felt better. And I had chatted with a boy for about one week in a row and he asked me out. As this app pays more attention to chatting, I didn’t know what he looked like. Yes, I thought he was totally different from what I liked. How to say, this app also had some disadvantage.

If you are going to have an offline meeting, you should exchange photos in advance or you will have the same arkward feeling as me.

What You Can Talk with Girls on First Date


this is also a time to show the courage of boys. Boys should try to lead the topic. Girls prefer boys who can lead them. What boys should ask at this time? Now, I will give three chatting topics and males can refer to them when flirting on the first hookup date.

Generally, the most popular topic is tourism. Most people like to discuss this topic, and it is not easy to misunderstand. You can take the initiative to tell hookup girls where you've been recently. You can tell her if you have met any happy or wonderful things on the road. Generally speaking, in this case, you can get two responses from the BBW girl. One is that if a girl also likes traveling, she will be interested in what you say. Then you can ask if she has anything to share. Understanding her travel life will also give you a better understanding of her. The second one is that she doesn’t like traveling very much. Maybe she didn't like traveling, maybe she was busy with her work. Or because she couldn't find the right person to travel with. You can say at this time that you know there is a very good place, and you can ask her go with you when you are free. That way, you have a reason to ask her to meet again.

The second tip is to talk about your work. But please note that you should pay attention to the way you chat. Because I found that when many boys talk about this topic, they usually ask, "what are you doing at work? What are your working hours?". This time will make girls feel very uncomfortable. It can also be understood. Most people are tired from work, so it is hard to have time to relax and relax. What I'm talking about here is that you discuss about your work. Of course, it's not a month's salary. You should turn to yourself. For the first date, girls don't pay much attention to your salary. Instead, they focus on why you do the job. At this time, you can talk about your plan and why you do this work. It's better to tell an interesting story at this time, so believe me, you will be more popular.

And the last topic is the her favorite food. You can never imagine the allure of food to women. You can ask the girls what kind of food they like, and it's better to express that you also like it. So you can find opportunities to ask girls out to eat. At the same time, you will also let the girl feel that your life habits and her more like, easy to get along with. You're not just a boy who can play games at home.
If you feel arkward, you can try the above three topics and I hope you can enjoy a more successful curvy dating with your partners. Good luck to you!

Tips on how to hit up with girls online


When you are hitting up on someone in a bar, you can use every way to approach them. If you go up and say the wrong thing or just seemingly uncomfortable when saying it, you can kiss goodbye to your opportunities. The same for online dating and hookup apps. The method you use to approach a girl for the first time is the most important factor in the whole process. It set the foundation for your conversations and decides whether she would be willing to talk to you.

Watch out those online dating apps. Based on our own experience on online BBW dating, some of our hit up lines received replies and some of them did not. We tested over 50 kinds of hit up lines, trying to find out what makes people exciting and what makes them depressed. For most men, a simple Hi would be enough for them to reply. However, for women, they get used to the routine when they know men who like them are making efforts to win them over. What they want is creativity, not just a word or some phrases.

Women are intuitive creatures. If you are not sincere or scary, they won’t talk to you anymore. You only have one chance for a good first impression, so you must think very carefully before you say your first word. Women are not always tolerant. If you blow it off, you might never get the chance to start over. There are many ways to get her reply to you. The rules w should follow when we are hookup dating online are as follow:

You don’t want to tell them your life experience, neither should you want them to read a novel. Being brief is important, but also make then think you are sweet. Girls like men who can think independently, who are funny and smart. Many women might feel insecure about the process, that is why you should give them a relaxed opening-up to ease everyone, including yourself.

You need to think up with a test to make her feel that she needs to reply to you. This test includes a lot of things. Women love asking questions, which might be a painstaking thing for us. Now it’s your turn to ask them some. If you said something make her feel that she needs to express her opinion, she would be forced to reply to you. Regardless of her interest in you, just ask a question. This might be the best hit up skill. Even if she doesn’t fall in love with you at once, you get the chance to win her heart. All of these will enable you to get another opportunity until she agrees to meet you.

The other advice is do not send weird messages. There are good ways and bad ways to approach a girl. Sending sexual message is not the good ones. You might be blocked for it. Make sure you are not tagged with a label says you are a perverted molester.

4 smart steps to successful Bustr conversations


In today's BBW dating world, it's easy to feel like a number. So how do you stand out on BBW dating apps like Bustr? The truth is more analog than modern: the key is connection. Although we are now more connected than ever before, there is a difference between us not being connected. Connecting means building a common ground, a foundation, so that something can grow and hopefully build from there. The closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to move things forward, or at least get out of the app and meet in person.

One of the easiest ways to do this and stand out in a crowd is to become a great conversationalist. While chatting on fat dating apps can be awkward at times, successfully chatting with your latest date is crucial to getting first curvy dating.

Don't know where to start? Here are four smart steps to a successful online chubby dating conversation.

Research your opponent

Not in a creepy way. But show them that you're not just talking to them based on how they look. While physical attraction is key and probably why you're brushing in the first place, a conversation that begins with "you're hot" can only go so far.

So, see what they like. What are their hobbies and interests? Maybe they wrote something that made you smile or laugh. Whatever that thing is - that thing that makes you think, "hey, this guy looks cool" - start with that thing.

Break the ice

Don't start by saying "hey." I repeat, don't start by saying "hey". It's boring and unoriginal, and it actually puts the onus on the other person to start the conversation, which is not cool at all. After studying your opponents, you now know something about them. This is where homework comes in handy.

Use your knowledge to lead and do it in a unique way. . How to? If you both love climbing, start by climbing. If you think they say something interesting in the introduction, bring it up. You can even start with a joke about their profile. Whatever you do, take it personally and don't say "hey".

Acknowledge and ask another question

If your opening blank worked and they responded, congratulations! Now is the time to keep the conversation going. First, confirm their response. If they ask you a question, answer honestly in more than one word. Use their answers to ask another question.

If they don't ask you a question and simply respond with a smiley face, you can still ask a question. Show genuine interest and ask questions that interest you.

Make them want more

If you're still in "conversation mode," meaning you haven't gotten to the point where face-to-face communication hasn't been mentioned yet, you want to know how to get them to want more. After all, you don't want to keep asking endless questions for hours. You may come across as needy or annoying. So, after a few minutes of pleasant conversation, let them know how much you enjoy talking to them, and if you're interested in contacting them later, let them know!

Conversations on Bustr don't have to be stressful. By using these simple techniques, you will become a genuine conversationalist, able to build strong connections, hopefully online and online. The online world is just another platform for us to meet new people. Using real-life skills still works. Be yourself, see who you connect with in an interesting and authentic way, and who knows where your next online curvy hookup dating conversation might lead…

Conversations on Bustr don't have to be stressful. By using these simple techniques, you will become a genuine conversationalist, able to build strong connections, hopefully online and online. The online world is just another platform for us to meet new people. Using real-life skills still works. Be yourself, see who you connect with in an interesting and authentic way, and who knows where your next online curvy dating conversation might lead…

Why haven’t you found your BBW dating partner yet?


Do you get confused when your friends and family tell you that you're attractive, smart and funny, and you're still waiting for a good BBW partner?

Why are you still single? Come and take our quiz!

1.How would you describe the woman of your dreams?

A) gorgeous, smart, funny, kind, well paid - everything.

B) anyone who shows interest!

C) they are like my friends, full of romance.

2.Your singleton refrain is;

A) I shouldn't settle for imperfect people.

B) nobody ever noticed me, so what's the point?

C) All the good ones are taken.

3.When you like a person, you will;

A) wait until they realize and ask you out.

B) act on them one second, ignore them the next. Keep them on their toes!

C) make sure they know that you are a good friend who is available.

4.A cutie walks into the cafe where you're sitting. You;

A) you sneak glances at them, but if they catch you looking, you ignore them.

B) You look down at your laptop and pretend to be busy at work.

C) go straight to the bar to get another drink and say "hi"

5.Someone you know through a friend. You;

A) complaining that you're single and the weather is terrible since we last met.

B) ignore them, pretend you don't see or recognize them, and hide.

C) say hello and talk about your mutual friends.

Mostly A - you live in A fairy tale

All right - love is accepting someone's weaknesses and strengths. Not to mention, what's the fun of having the perfect hookup partner? This means they will never make a mistake, so the responsibility will always fall on you. Perfection is overrated, lower your standards a bit, and be willing to meet new people. Look at who you're with - and learn to love them for who they are, not who you want them to be.

Mostly B - you're acting unnatural

You must calm down! Your crazy hot and cold moves are confusing, strange, and a little scary. If you like someone, take a few deep breaths to keep your behavior on track. Learn to adapt to their presence and maintain a memorable formula. Smile, say hello, compliment them, and then ask an open-ended question. Remember to breathe in between each step and let them answer, before you know it, you'll have a flowing conversation!

Mostly C - you don't show enough romantic interest

You are a good friend, maybe you have known them for some time, and you want to develop your BBW datingrelationship further. Maybe you just met and don't want to come across as pushy, so you're cautious in the friend-first category. If you want to build a curvy dating relationship with this person, you have to take it to a higher level so they realize, otherwise it will never happen and you'd better get used to being demoted to friend. The little things; Touch your own arms when they joke and you smile, hold the eyes a little longer, smile, broach the idea of dinner just between the two of you, a lingering hug goodbye - these are good strategies to subtly let them know you want more.