Tips on how to hit up with girls online


When you are hitting up on someone in a bar, you can use every way to approach them. If you go up and say the wrong thing or just seemingly uncomfortable when saying it, you can kiss goodbye to your opportunities. The same for online dating and hookup apps. The method you use to approach a girl for the first time is the most important factor in the whole process. It set the foundation for your conversations and decides whether she would be willing to talk to you.

Watch out those online dating apps. Based on our own experience on online BBW dating, some of our hit up lines received replies and some of them did not. We tested over 50 kinds of hit up lines, trying to find out what makes people exciting and what makes them depressed. For most men, a simple Hi would be enough for them to reply. However, for women, they get used to the routine when they know men who like them are making efforts to win them over. What they want is creativity, not just a word or some phrases.

Women are intuitive creatures. If you are not sincere or scary, they won’t talk to you anymore. You only have one chance for a good first impression, so you must think very carefully before you say your first word. Women are not always tolerant. If you blow it off, you might never get the chance to start over. There are many ways to get her reply to you. The rules w should follow when we are hookup dating online are as follow:

You don’t want to tell them your life experience, neither should you want them to read a novel. Being brief is important, but also make then think you are sweet. Girls like men who can think independently, who are funny and smart. Many women might feel insecure about the process, that is why you should give them a relaxed opening-up to ease everyone, including yourself.

You need to think up with a test to make her feel that she needs to reply to you. This test includes a lot of things. Women love asking questions, which might be a painstaking thing for us. Now it’s your turn to ask them some. If you said something make her feel that she needs to express her opinion, she would be forced to reply to you. Regardless of her interest in you, just ask a question. This might be the best hit up skill. Even if she doesn’t fall in love with you at once, you get the chance to win her heart. All of these will enable you to get another opportunity until she agrees to meet you.

The other advice is do not send weird messages. There are good ways and bad ways to approach a girl. Sending sexual message is not the good ones. You might be blocked for it. Make sure you are not tagged with a label says you are a perverted molester.