What You Can Talk with Girls on First Date


this is also a time to show the courage of boys. Boys should try to lead the topic. Girls prefer boys who can lead them. What boys should ask at this time? Now, I will give three chatting topics and males can refer to them when flirting on the first hookup date.

Generally, the most popular topic is tourism. Most people like to discuss this topic, and it is not easy to misunderstand. You can take the initiative to tell hookup girls where you've been recently. You can tell her if you have met any happy or wonderful things on the road. Generally speaking, in this case, you can get two responses from the BBW girl. One is that if a girl also likes traveling, she will be interested in what you say. Then you can ask if she has anything to share. Understanding her travel life will also give you a better understanding of her. The second one is that she doesn’t like traveling very much. Maybe she didn't like traveling, maybe she was busy with her work. Or because she couldn't find the right person to travel with. You can say at this time that you know there is a very good place, and you can ask her go with you when you are free. That way, you have a reason to ask her to meet again.

The second tip is to talk about your work. But please note that you should pay attention to the way you chat. Because I found that when many boys talk about this topic, they usually ask, "what are you doing at work? What are your working hours?". This time will make girls feel very uncomfortable. It can also be understood. Most people are tired from work, so it is hard to have time to relax and relax. What I'm talking about here is that you discuss about your work. Of course, it's not a month's salary. You should turn to yourself. For the first date, girls don't pay much attention to your salary. Instead, they focus on why you do the job. At this time, you can talk about your plan and why you do this work. It's better to tell an interesting story at this time, so believe me, you will be more popular.

And the last topic is the her favorite food. You can never imagine the allure of food to women. You can ask the girls what kind of food they like, and it's better to express that you also like it. So you can find opportunities to ask girls out to eat. At the same time, you will also let the girl feel that your life habits and her more like, easy to get along with. You're not just a boy who can play games at home.
If you feel arkward, you can try the above three topics and I hope you can enjoy a more successful curvy dating with your partners. Good luck to you!