My Embarrassing Experiences on Dating Apps


Last winner, I just finished my college education and I end the two-year relationship with my boyfriend as he would like to go to another city. We were so far with each other. I quite liked him but I didn’t want to influence him so I said breakup. I blessed him. At this time, my friends recommended some dating apps to me and told me maybe I could find some nice people in these hookup apps. I just wanted to find someone to share my bad feelings so I downloaded some good apps.

The first app pays great attention to the appearance and every user should pass the facial verification. To use this hookup app, users need to submit their self photos to the team for review. On the one hand, this is to test whether they are real people. Second, it will give the current user appearance score, the score must be above 60 to be able to enter this hookup dating app. To tell you the truth, I was shocked at that time, and I thought the app was too concerned about appearance. However, my friend is also right, most of the online dating is aimed at good or bad appearance. 

Then she advised me that my appearance would certainly pass. I was not very confident, but it was no harm for me. By the way, I could see my beauty score. So I took two good-looking self photos, because I was afraid that the audit would not pass, and I also specially used PS, in which I looked much better. However, my first audit failed. I was a little speechless. But I didn't think it should be so strict with girls, so I submitted it again. Then it passed, and the team gave me a score of 80. I was a little wry at that time. 

Then I started using the app. Indeed, this kind of app pays close attention to appearance. There are many handsome men and beautiful women on it. However, I still thought that this kind of app which paid too much attention to appearance has great disadvantages, that was, most people were just searching hookups. Few people really wanted to make friends. You could make an appointment with the person you liked, and the speed was very fast. Maybe I didn't like this very much, so I unloaded it.

And I started to use another chatting app. This time, this app was used more for chatting rather than hookups. I should say I like this app more than the last one. For the first two day, I received 10 messages and none of them said if I wanted hookup as a start line. I should say I felt better. And I had chatted with a boy for about one week in a row and he asked me out. As this app pays more attention to chatting, I didn’t know what he looked like. Yes, I thought he was totally different from what I liked. How to say, this app also had some disadvantage.

If you are going to have an offline meeting, you should exchange photos in advance or you will have the same arkward feeling as me.